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Assorted Salted Caramels

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Our caramel conductors use only the highest quality ingredients to create the softest, creamiest caramel.

Our signature collection of six handcrafted, buttery caramels each paired with a unique combination of liquors and exotic sea salts from around the world:
-Amaretto Caramels with Vanilla Salt: Buttery caramel with Amaretto liqueur drenched in semisweet chocolate with Tahitian vanilla sea salt
-Baileys Caramels with Murray River Salt: Rich, buttery caramel with Baileys liqueur  and a touch of Australian pink sea salt
-Cappuccino Caramels with Espresso Salt: Buttery caramel mixed with espresso in semisweet chocolate and a dash of espresso-flavored sea salt
-Champagne Cognac Caramels with Fleur de Sel: Soft, rich caramel with French cognac in semisweet chocolate and Fleur de Sel
-Coconut Caramels with Lime Salt: Creamy caramel with coconut puree in semisweet chocolate finished with South Asian lime sea salt
-Pomegranate Caramels with Cherry Salt: Creamy caramel with pomegranate liqueur in semisweet chocolate and pink, Japanese Cherry salt

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